It was one of the most important moments of the highly successful opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. In the screenplay, James Bond, performed by Daniel Craig, is seen on his way to bring Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham. And she, who has never engaged in such a fantasy before, is not a lookalike. The sequence ended with King, in pink, jumping out of a helicopter with the secret agent to get to the stadium by parachute (there, obviously, wasn’t her). A few minutes later, the Queen appeared in the chest to officially open the games.

The concert’s production director revealed behind the scenes of the scene, in a program broadcast on BBC Radio 4, today, Sunday, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of these games. The Queen never told her family that she was doing this. One of the conditions was for her to agree to be a part of her…so when she comes and sits down, you can see her family saying, “Ah, yeah, pretty!” And honestly.” They were quite surprised, can we read in “daily Mail”. The office of Prime Minister David Cameron was not aware of this not only the royal family.

So James Bond was one of the few in secret, but the spy isn’t the type to reveal.

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