Why do we celebrate the platinum jubilee?

2022 is synonymous with Elizabeth II’s jubilee. The Queen of England will celebrate 70 years of her reign from June 2-5. An event that will mark a special and somewhat unique jubilee in the British monarchy: the Platinum Jubilee.

Jubilee What does that mean?

As shown Le FigaroThe word jubilee is taken from the Hebrew yôvēl, which refers to a ram’s horn used as a trumpet every fifty years. The sound proclaimed a year of jubilee, the year of liberation that heralds the liberation of “all the inhabitants of the earth” as written in Leviticus.

The term was later translated into Latin as jubilee In the Catholic religion, starting in the year 1300, the jubilee was marked by a period of forgiveness and penance granted by the Pope every fifty years. From now on, it is a sacred year that repeats every 25 years, Larousse sets.

How many royal years is the platinum jubilee?

The term has now passed into the language of everyday life and refers to, for example, the anniversary of taking office. In sports, he celebrates the career of a retired player.

In the Anglo-Saxon world, a jubilee (“jubilee”) takes several names depending on which anniversary is celebrated. Ainsi, dans le cas de la Reine Elisabeth, le « jubilée d’argent » célèbre 25 ans de règne, le « jubilée d’or » (Golden jubilee) les 50 ans, et le « jubilée de diamant » (Diamond Jubilee) les 60 years old. A level notably reached by Queen Victoria, the great-great-grandmother of Elizabeth II, who will celebrate the “Platinum Jubilee” (Platinum Jubilee) for the past 70 years at the helm of the British monarchy.

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