“Why don’t you mention names? Afraid of the suit? But ashamed…” - Libero Quotidiano

Andrea Scanzi He caused an uproar with his comments on Massimo Gillettiwho led the ring It’s not the ring Aired Sunday, March 20 at La7. Giliti’s trip to Ukraine was not upset by the journalist in Happening every daywho intervened with a straight leg in the matter, and also tightened from the middle Sandra Amorebut without naming it directly.

“Never dare, if not choose the regular opinion leaders of the Carnegies that not even Tele Fagiolo Morto has the courage to pay,” Skanzi wrote. The reply from the person in question was not long in coming, defining the function of the fellow “a pearl of stylistic elegance that ignores, indeed denies the power of opinions and the sacred freedom to express them, but is nothing more than a collection of words so heavy to the disgrace of any man. I wonder why she does not show the same courage that Attributing it to Gility, in mentioning their names, or rather the name, knowing that I?Fear of prosecution?Useless, the reference is very clear, I am the only possible journalist. That’s enough to file a claim“.

Amore then replied to Skanze on the merits: “I have always taken responsibility for my opinions without making them fit. Of course, I cannot boast of his fame in terms of followers, but in life you choose ‘how’ to live, and it is precisely this ‘how’ that separates barbarians from men. Civilized, saints for criminals.”

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