Une attestation de vaccination est délivrée lorsque le patient a reçu toutes les doses du vaccin, celle-ci est un exemple.

On this paper there are two QR codes that hackers can scan to steal your personal data and forge a health permit.

As of May 15, more than nine million French have received all doses of the vaccine. Pride for some, who are not hesitant to post selfies on social media, a vaccination certificate is in hand. If the initiative is emotionally good, then it is not without risk. These documents already contain a lot of personal data that can be stolen.

Since May 3, the French have obtained a certificate of vaccination with the first injection. This sheet shows the last name, first name, date of birth, date of injection, and product injected. There are two other important components on this paper. The first, to the left of the document, is not the QR code itself. Related “Data matrix», The 2D-DOC symbol attesting to validity of proof of vaccination.

This code can be simply scanned by the smartphone’s camera and reveals many information about the patient: dates of birth, vaccination as well as the injected product (Pfizer – BiontechAnd the modernAnd the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson).

In addition to this ”Data matrix»Is it real? QR code, To the right of the testimony. This one is intended for use in TousAntiCovid, In order to store their vaccination certificate innotebookFrom the government app. It allows, for its part, access to the personal data of its owner, even when it is scanned by a third party.

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Parody health card

With this data, hackers can impersonate you. For example, an untested and unprotected individual can enter a controlled site by presenting your QR code. If the identity check is not performed, it will be freely circulated thanks to your testimony.

Email fraud attempts are also possible. Hackers can pretend to behealth insurance Or the hospital by providing specific information about your vaccination to give you confidence. Matthew O’Dbert, a gendarmerie officer specializing in cybercrime, alerted netizens with one of his tweets, posted on May 13th.

The vaccination certificate will be used as a health card from June 9, to reach places of more than 1,000 people, such as festivals, stadiums, exhibitions or even to travel in Europe. In order not to reveal the vaccination status of the French, the operators who will perform the checks will only see a red or green square, which means that the person “Shows a recent negative test, proof of cure, or vaccination certificate», Determines the government.


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