Gaza ceasefire, Russia and China veto the US decision

The failure of the American ceasefire decision in Gaza. The UN Security Council blocked the text proposed by Washington using veto power from Russia and China and Algeria voting against it. In the proposed draft, “the Council identifies the need for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire to protect civilians on all sides, enable the delivery of essential humanitarian assistance and alleviate human suffering.” But the document also condemns “all acts of terrorism, including the October 7 Hamas-led attacks against Israel.” The Council has never taken a clear position against Hamas attacks, and this could have been the first time. “There are two very cynical reasons behind this veto: First, Russia and China do not want to condemn Hamas for the October 7 attacks. Moreover, they simply do not want the text prepared by the United States to be adopted.” Moscow's official position is that the veto was drawn up because the text would have given the green light to an Israeli military operation in Rafah. Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia said: “Supporting this text means covering ourselves with shame, and we cannot allow the Security Council to be a tool for Washington for its policies in the Middle East.” The green light for the attack on Rafah.” The Russian diplomat also stressed that Washington had opposed ceasefire resolutions in Gaza for six months, “and now they are demanding it while practically wiping out the Strip?” The draft resolution proposed by the United States of America received 11 votes in favor and 3 votes against. One member abstained from voting, namely Guyana.

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