Saints Row se fait descendre sur la toile

last weekOpening Night Live Gamescom gave us a beautiful evening with two hours of viewing to discover about thirty video games. Among them, we had the long-awaited announcement with the restart of Saints Row License (Opening Ceremony). However, now is not the time to celebrate the teams of Volition (game developers) who are facing a lot of criticism about the title. The Saints Row reboot doesn’t seem to please anyone.

Saints Row: The first fans freaked out

With nearly 800,000 views on the official Saints Row channel, 22,000 likes but already over 44,000 dislikes (at the time of writing), we quickly realize that the game isn’t unanimous. but why ? Because Saints Row licensing is very complex, and this case raises a problem beyond that of this new version.

The first authorship was released in 2006 exclusively on Xbox 360. The goal of Volition is to take on Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series. Saints Row comes two years after GTA San Andreas and offers fairly generous gang wars content with a dangerous storyline and plenty of ambitions to conquer GTA.

Two years later, Saints Row 2 was released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 to extend the success of its predecessor. The title is still serious, but it does offer some quirky clips to encourage players to have more fun and who will have their little glory moments. Sadly, Saints Row 2 arrives six months after GTA IV Hurricane and faces the latest Rockstar, reviews won’t be tender.

This is why Volition will adopt an entirely new strategy as of 2011.

Saints Row: ‘New fans’ freaked out (too)

On November 15, 2011 (just days after GTA V was announced), Saints Row: The Third landed on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. With this new synthesis, Volition teams are making a drastic change of direction. The idea is no longer to compete with GTA, but, on the contrary, to move away from it.

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Saints Row: The Third retains its GTA-Like concept, but completely abandons the serious aspect to offer a quirky world to the extreme. A choice that will not appeal to many early fans, but it will manage to find a new audience.

In 2013, a month before the release of GTA V, Saints Row IV arrived on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC to push the boundaries even further in the “twisted” side. Sadly, this fourth opus will be a fiasco and will determine when the series will be off.

The Reboot You Don’t Like “The Fan Gang”?

For over a week, the Saints Row reboot has been the subject of debate on the web. However, from an external point of view, the game looks promising. The latter will take place in a city largely inspired by Las Vegas, street racing and gang warfare are on the program in an open world that seems rich and intense. But this is not enough.

Fans of the first hour (with Saints Row I & II) criticize the art direction with characters also “cartoons”, which do not resemble the gangsters we can find in the first two games. Players blame Volition for choosing heroes who look like teenagers instead of real gangsters.

© Volition / Characters from the First Saints Row (2006)

Saints Row 2022

© Volition / Saints Row reboot characters (2022)

These two photos show the problem that made fans grumble from the start. It’s a strange irony when we learn that Studio Volition was expressing their desires and necessity to go back to their licensing origins. Specifically, this flashback is one that doesn’t please new fans of the series.

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For players who have discovered and enjoyed Saints Row with the third edition, this reboot is not a good thing as it is far from the quirky side. While everyone agreed that the last episode went too far, many fans were hoping for a true sequel to Saints Row: The Third. Sadly, it won’t, despite Volition’s promises that the game won’t be quite as serious.

Games that belong to gamers above all? Or for the creators?

Our Last Part Two - Ellie

© Naughty Dog

The Saints Row problem is not an isolated case. At a time when video games are finally beginning to be recognized for their true value, many fans don’t accept a show of work that would take them out of their comfort zone. We can take for example the second part of The Last Of Us last year which caused so much controversy that fans started a petition to rewrite part of the game.

Video games, like movies, series or even literary works are the property of their creators. Respect and accept that the author’s vision of his creation remains the most important thing.
With huge licenses such as Saints Row, GTA and The Last Of Us that have managed to sell millions of copies, satisfying all the fans has become even more complicated. But is that really the goal of a game or any part of the entertainment?

Reviews are subjective and no one will take the same approach to a movie, series, or video game. The best is to let authors, creators or developers design according to their vision. Without them, we wouldn’t have fun. What is more important is that the game is able to attract the largest number of people, or that the creators can have a good time designing it?

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There are enough games released every year to find a solid block that will manage to amaze you. Therefore, it is essential that authors continue to enjoy creating the works they desire without being held to standards. Above all, we hope that the studios and developers will continue making games for them, before making them for the masses.

Camelot Alexander Ester


As Alexander Astaire said well this summer before the much-anticipated Kaamelott Premier Volet, ten years after the series’ end, was released. The goal was not to please the masses. Above all, he wanted a movie he liked. King Arthur’s interpreter stated that he was not there to serve the fans. “If you ask me three times to do red, I’ll do blue (…), it’s not you who talk, it’s me. So I allow myself to bother you. It’s part of the deal. I sign and do what I want. This is my job, it doesn’t suit you”.

The most beautiful words and wisdom from the son of Pendragon.


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