With lockdown booming in cat and dog adoptions, vaccines aren't available right now

To denounce this shortage, the Federchimica Group’s National Association of Animal Health Companies, which also includes veterinarians, has done so. According to estimates reported by ENPA, the national animal protection authority, More than one in three Italian families I decided to adopt an animal in the year of Covid, which helped score a + 15% from adoption.

“The drop in vaccine availability is mainly due to an unprecedented increase in demand across Europe, following the demographic explosion of animals from the company that we have seen during the lockdown,” IFA President Ariana Paula told ANSA news agency. However, this shortage has also contributed to the rush to produce the vaccines against the coronavirus that he helped create Hard to find popular material Such as glass bottles or plastic seals.

“So far – Paula continues – the companies are operating at full capacity, looking for solutions that will allow to restore the correct supply of vaccines in the shortest possible time.” From what the Chairman of Aifa has announced, we can hope that the situation will improve as early as the first months of 2022.

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