Travailler dans le metaverse, c'est possible mais pas très efficace.

The promises Numerous around the metaverse, as well annoying questions. One has to do with our ability to function in this dual physical world. A team of researchers from the University of Coburg, University of Cambridge, University of Primorska and Microsoft Research tried expertise.

They showed 16 people, ten men and six women, Work in virtual reality for five days. They performed their professional duties before a the computeras usual, but with a Helmet Oculus Quest 2 on the head. This formation was special Negative effects on their productivity.

Participants reported that their workload increased by 35% during the experiment.

they frustration It also rose (+42%), and so did they worry (+11%).

Obviously, working with a VR headset is far from an enjoyable experience. The study participants were Physically struggling to get used to this immersive tool, which they had to wear eight hours a day. They felt great Discomfort in the eyesubordinate Headache And a feeling of discomfort associated with losing their bearings. While these effects diminished over time, two subjects had to withdraw before the end of the first day of the experiment. the reason ? The use of virtual reality glasses has caused many migraines and nausea.

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