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Nacon and KT Racing introduce new gameplay WRC 10. This gives insight into the Croatia Rally.

While the first start of the Croatia Rally is celebrated on the tournament calendar, it can indeed be considered one of the most exciting events in WRC history. The asphalt march isn’t defined by these beams: only six-tenths separated winner Sebastian Ogier from Elvin Evans from Wells a few weeks ago.

As of September, these services can be provided by default drivers in WRC 10 Similar to. The Croatia Rally is held entirely on asphalt but on very different surfaces, which are often wrinkled and damaged due to the bad weather in the area. The roads in the heart of the Croatian countryside are often very narrow and require impeccable handling to maintain speed. Thanks to the realistic physics of KT Racing shows WRC 10 An impressive 4K driving experience with 60 frames per second that comes close to real drivers’ imagination.

With WRC 10 The off-road racing simulator reinvents itself. Players can finish the 2021 season atop the Podium and experience the moments of gathering behind the wheel of iconic cars to celebrate the competition’s 50th anniversary.

WRC 10 It will be released on September 2nd for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The Switch release will follow at a later time.

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