Xbox to prepare cloud-based MMO with Mainframe Studio

Pax Day, the project codename for this young studio founded in Helsinki and Reykjavik in 2019, would pave the way for the attack that Microsoft appears to be preparing for cloud-based gaming, a technology that is supposed to open up new possibilities for online gaming with access It is available on all devices targeted by Phil Spencer’s empire today (console, PC, mobile), even if the game is supposed to adapt its mechanics depending on the nature of the platform.

While anyone in Pax Dei can do anything on any device, there are some tasks that will make more sense depending on where you play. So, if you use your phone for work, you can open the game and do some craft work or mine for resources quickly. Then, when you get home on your PC or console, you can embark on more complex tasks, such as raids.Jeff Group reports.

Remember, Xbox Game Studios Publishing, which works with independent studios to shape exclusives, recently recruited Kim Swift, formerly Valve, Electronic Arts and Stadia, to explore the possibilities offered by cloud-based games. Selon Jeff Grubb, Xbox serait toujours en négociations avec Hideo Kojima en vue de produire un jeu qui ferait lui aussi partie des futurs ambassadeurs de cette technologie avec laquelle Microsoft, empereur mondial dumeme cloud semere de au mê mêrque Contest.

It is not known when the Xbox and Mainframe dates will align. in a March 2020, the Finnish studio has created a list of partners in which the manufacturer has not yet appeared. On the other hand, Riot Games are cited among investors amid a few investment funds. As of spring 2020, Mainframe still only had about 20 employees but it appears to have crossed the 50 mark since then and was already showing its intent to design an original, playable cloud MMO on any screen.

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