Yogurts sold in supermarkets are being recalled all over France

A new product for suspected E. coli pollution is being recalled. As mentioned on the government website Reminder Conso, Malo brand yogurts, sold in supermarkets across France, were recalled on Monday. They actually contain a dangerous bacterium called Escherichia coli.

This recall, which is sold in 4×125 gram cardboard jars each time, has different limitations:

– The Empty yogurts Sold June 9th and application date July 11th (GTIN Note: 3278692111145).

– The Whole milk yogurt with raspberry flavor Marketed from June 10 and valid until July 12 (GTIN Note: 3278692420025).

– The Whole milk yogurt with grenadine flavor Sold June 9th and valid until July 22nd (GTIN Note: 3278692363339).

– The Sweet yogurt Last sold out June 8th and valid till July 11th (GTIN Note: 3278692211142).

Those who buy these products should no longer consume them and destroy them – otherwise they will have to bring them back to the point of sale for refund. A list of related stores is available on the RappelConso paper for each product. If you have any questions, you can contact the following number: 0299211100.

Schndel des Pizzas Butoni

Indicates gastroenteritis, which is characterized by abdominal pain and diarrhea within 3 days of ingestion of E.coli bacteria Reminder Conso. It causes hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can be serious in children and the elderly.

The wave of memories comes weeks after a food scandal involving contamination by the same bacteria on Nestle Group’s Buttoni brand pizzas. More than 50 people have been affected. Also two children are said to have died after consuming these Fraîch’Up brand pizzas.

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