Kyrie Irving Nets 9 mars 2022

The Nets flew to North Carolina tonight to challenge Charlotte. Goal: To regain eighth place in the Eastern Conference. The task of thanking a particular Khairy Irving, a flat earth expert, was accomplished.

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There is no need to take out the calculator or take the lead for too long when attacking this crowd. With exactly the same record, the Hornets and Nets knew the winner would wake up early in the top 8.. A fight against a direct competitor is a meeting that should be marked on the calendar because time is running out. With one more month to go before the end of the regular season, no game can be left out, especially since we are talking about eighth place, which offers two chances to search the playoffs (depending on whether we win against the seventh or the second game). Defeating a competitor is a great double act because it can also be used to buy a tie-breaker which is a key asset when doing accounts. With four setbacks left in a row, the Nets know they can not miss each other tonight if they want to continue a good rise in levels.

And then this game? It quickly shifts to the collective course. Hornets do not protect, they are eaten by envy. The penalty was quick and Brooklyn did not hesitate to drive home the point. Name of the executioner? Kyrie Irving. Uncle Drew fans can be divided by his choices and his positions, he can only be unanimous about this match. His statistical line: 50 points, 15/19 shooting, 9/12 from the parking lot and 11/13 on the line. Just, aha. The Hornets weren’t a fantastic defense, but Uncle Drew had a lot of goodies throughout the night. He was in the zone. You can stick to him, put your hand in front of his face if you want, but nothing changes when he plays like that, you are tied to the basket by the remote and you say your hands in your temples. : Seriously? According to Matt WilliamsESPN, In 75% of shooting in NBA history, Kairi became the first player to drop 50 points with 9 bombs from the parking lot.. While the Hornets’ rebellion in the second half gave hope that the game would come to an end, the nets pulled by their leader did not have to shake much. Charlotte will have to show a lot more to get the preferred place to play in the future. The last month of the competition promises to be intense for the top 8 places!

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Kyrie Irving reclaims eighth place in the Recalls and Brooklyn East with 50 points! The expected shock led to a one-person show by Uncle Drew. I hope he attacks it at home soon and the nets will need it.

Text source: ESPN


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