Cholera risk on board cruise ship in Mauritius, blocked due to suspected epidemic: passengers are in quarantine

a Cruise ship From Norwegian Cruise Line with over 2 thousand Passengers I was forced to get on the plane Forty Off the coast Mauritius For fear of the epidemic cholera.

Fear of cholera and passengers in quarantine

The news was published by the New York Post. On Sunday, February 25, the Norwegian Dawn ship was lifted from the dock in Port Louis, the capital of the East African country, due to “Potential health risksAfter 15 passengers on board were isolated. This was announced by the Mauritius Port Authority.

As a Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson reported, the quarantined passengers were tested after they began experiencing symptoms of stomach illness. Several media outlets reported that the stomach illness was suspected to be cholera.

The Norwegian Dawn cruise ship has been forced to quarantine off the coast of Mauritius due to a suspected cholera outbreak among passengers on board.

This discovery was made after tests were conducted on cruise ship passengers

Director of the Ministry of Health in Mauritius, Bhushon Ori, revealed that i Test results They determined that there was no evidence of cholera on board and that the sick passengers were in fact fighting one Inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Bhushun Uri himself then added that the sick passengers were “He recovered completely“.

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The cruise ship was given the green light by the Mauritian authorities

In the end, the Mauritian authorities gave in Green light for docking To the cruise ship, which was carrying 2,184 passengers and 1,026 crew members. The Norwegian Dawn departed on a 12-night voyage from Cape Town, South Africa, to Port Louis on February 13.

In its initial statement, the Mauritius authority announced that “the decision not to allow the cruise ship to reach the pier was taken to avoid health risks,” adding that “the health and safety of passengers and the health of the country as a whole is of the utmost importance.” “It is of utmost importance to the authorities.”

Image source: ANSA


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