A mysterious animal was spotted in the Amarillo Zoo: we don't know what it is

A ghostly creature walking in a potion is standing behind a fence at Amarillo Zoo. It was captured by a video surveillance camera from a facility in Texas. What could it be? The US city municipality also requires it.

Amarillo Zoo is known for its African lions, ring-tailed lemurs, western diamond-backed rattlesnakes, as well as a variety of exotic birds. And now another creature is roaming the facility grounds in Texas And quickly attract media attention in United States of America. There is only one problem: the zoo Amarillo He has no idea what it is. “Amarillo Zoo took a strange photo outside the zoo in the early morning of May 21 (around 1:25 a.m.),” reads a tweet from the official Amarillo Zoo profile.

The image taken with a video security surveillance camera – grainy and black and white – shows a creature Ghostly looking walking upright behind the fence. “Is it someone in a weird hat who likes to walk at night? Chupacabra? Do you have any idea what this might be UAOUnknown Amarillo Object? It is the series of questions the message asks on Twitter.

Zoo employees were casually viewing footage from cameras placed in various areas of the facility when they came across the photo, shown. Michael KachobaDirector of the Department of Parks and Recreation in Amarillo. After consulting with other colleagues, one of our employees sent him that “famous” photo. “None of us could understand what it was,” he said. “So we decided to go straight to our community…”.

And, of course, people on the social network responded with “present”, even without necessarily providing the correct answers. Several theories have been formulated. Some have pointed to the fact that “UAO” (an acronym that clearly means “UFO”) is just a human dressed as an animal.

Others said they were sure it was a mysterious wolf.

There was clearly no shortage of icy tweets. For example, there are those who pointed out that the creature was very familiar, especially to those who saw it Guardians of the Galaxy:

Whatever the case, the (animal) web investigators are working overtime at the moment. But the creature’s identity remains a mystery.


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