Ajax Roma, Grenade-MU, Arsenal-Slavia Prague, Dynamo Zagreb-Villarreal: C3 multiplexing

DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL 0-1 (48e): Villarreal pushes by Pedraza and Capua at the start of the second half.

Grenade-Manchester United 0-1 (47e): The game has just resumed with a slight delay in Granada! United keep the ball in the middle of the field.

Arsenal-Slavia Prague 0-0 (48 points): Willian tries a rounded shot, but his ball hit the Prague Revolutionaries’ square !!!!!

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“Dream is Free”: the wonderful adventure of Granada and Soldado

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Arsenal-Slovakia Prague 0-0 (47e): Arsenal get a super fun free kick at the entrance to the Slavia region. Ska, jostled by Hall, sped towards the goal.

Arsenal-Slovenia Prague 0-0 (46e): She is back in London! Arsenal will need to show another face in the second half to get some fresh air ahead of the second leg in Prague on April 15th.

21:52: The Giallorossi taken to Amsterdam are the last survivors across the Alps from a continental duel.

21:48 MI-TEMPS: It is the break for all evening meetings. After a period of observation, Manchester United, Ajax and Villarreal lit the fuse in their confrontations to get a ticket to reach the semi-finals of the European League. Ajax Amsterdam-Roma 1-0; Dynamo Zagreb – Villarreal 0-1; Arsenal – Slavia Prague 0-0; Granada – Manchester United 0-1.

Ajax Amsterdam – Roma 1-0 (45e + 2): It’s the break after two minutes of extra time in Amsterdam. Ajax lead 1-0.

DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL 0-1 (44): BUTTTT DE MORENO on the penalty spot. The yellow submarine comes out after a few minutes of rest. Moreno gave his team the advantage from a penalty kick by modifying the Croatian goalkeeper with a subtle flat foot to the right.

Ajax Amsterdam-Roma 1-0 (40): Ajax Goal at Johan Cruyff Stadium !! Klasen opens registration for the Dutch.

Arsenal-Slavia Prague 0-0 (38e): Free kick from Arsenal. Lacazette sends out a cannonball, but it crashes into the wall. The hold continued, but the Slavia goalkeeper recovered from a corner kick.

Granada-Manchester United 0-1 (30): The goal by Rashford, who opened the scoring in Granada. Maguire makes an impressive pass as the midfielder and throws Rashford from 40 meters. The England striker got his feet right before Roy Silva modified.

Arsenal-Slovenia Prague 0-0 (27e): An incredible failure by Saka who provoked the Slavia goalkeeper to a duel on his right at a narrow angle, but the gunners opened his foot too much and his ball escaped from the frame.

Dynamo Zagreb-Villarreal 0-0 (25): Muharram goal for Zagreb !!! The Croats had done the hardest thing before Orsic, but Atimoyne was offside early in the match.

Arsenal-Slovakia Prague 0-0 (24 points): The gunner gets a free kick that resembles a corner kick. He gives Saca to Gabriel who was alone in the area but his head is severely broken.

Grenade-Manchester United 0-0 (19e): Rashford convinces Fernandez to give him the opportunity to shoot from a free kick. But his daring shot from 35 meters missed the target. Despite this bug, the domination of the Red Devils was overwhelming.

Fernandez and Rashford

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Dynamo Zagreb-Villarreal 0-0 (16th): The first corner of Villarreal. Moreno sends a cannonball at the entrance to the box, but his balloon flies into the air.

Arsenal-Slavia Prague 0-0 (13e): Great chance for Slavia in the Arsenal region recapture. It stands to reason that the Czech players are well proven in this part.

DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL 0-0 (11): The third corner in a row for Zagreb! Teophile Catherine’s head shot that has been ambushed is not framed and Villareal gives her air.

DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL 0-0 (8e): The first attack in Zagreb at Maksimir. Orcic provokes the Spanish defense, but is blocked. It’s approximate but very involved at the start of the meeting. Corner in front of the Croats.

Ajax Amsterdam 0-0 Roma (fifth): Ajax who dominates gets to follow the first two corners of this meeting. Large dances were installed but lacked the Dutch to pull back.

Arsenal-Slovakia Prague 0-0 (fourth): First foray for Arsenal. Lacazette gives Saka depth but the Czech defense pushes him back.

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Grenade-Manchester United 0-0 (2e): Andalusians begin their meeting without a complex by provoking them from the beginning, the defense of the Red Devils. The little thumbs up for this Europa League don’t shiver.

Arsenal-Slovakia Prague 0-0 (1e): The Czechs are pressing from the start on the Emirates Stadium.

21:00 Let’s go in 4 matches from the quarter-finals to the European League!

20:58 Arsenal – Sylvia Prague: 22 players in the match will enter the Emirates Stadium. Kick-start is imminent!

20:55 Grenade – Manchester United: Capital statistic, Granada will become the eleventh Spanish team to face Manchester United this evening in a European competition.

20:45 DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL: Zagreb team led by Dr.

20:40 DINAMO ZAGREB – VILLAREAL: The eleventh of the yellow submarines, which will also represent Spain tonight against Zagreb: Roli, R Albiol (center), Pau, Parejo, Gerrard, Voyth, Baca, Choquez, M Trejeros, A Pedraza, Capua.

20:35 Salvia Prague: Slavia Prague 4-1-4-1 for tonight’s squad: Kolar; Borel Zema Halls Bah; Hromada. Olinka, Provaud, Stancio, Oscar; Sima

20:30 Grenade – Manchester United Team Red Devils with Maguire who will wear the captaincy: De Gea, Lindelof, Maguire, Pogba, Rashford, Greenwood, B Fernandez, James, Shaw, One Bisaka, Maktominay

Paul Pogba is expected to arrive in Andalusia this evening.

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20:25 Ajax Amsterdam – Rome: Le squad de l’Ajax, mené par E.ten Hag: Scherpen, J. Timber, Alvarez, Klaasen, Neres, Gravenberch, Tadic, Rensch, Martinez, Tagliafico, Antony

20:20 Ajax Amsterdam – Rome: The 11 men of Paolo Fonseca: Pau Lopez, Mancini, Cristante, Ibanez, Perez, Diawara, Ferretot, Spinazola, Pellegrini, Pedro, Dzico

20:14 Arsenal – Sylvia Prague The Gunners’ formation with Lacazette at the forefront of the offensive: Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Cedric, Partey, Xhaka, Saka, Smith Rowe, Willian, Lacazette

Lacazette will be in the vanguard of attack tonight for Gunners.

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20:06 Grenade – Manchester United Andalusians’ composition has just decreased: Roy Silva, Gonalons, Soldado, A. Puertas, C-Niva, Victor Diaz (center), Montoro GM, Vallejo, Herrera, Domingos. D, Kennedy

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20:03 Arsenal – Sylvia Prague Ondrej Kudela, the Slavia Prague defender accused of racially insulting by the Glasgow Rangers player, will not be on a trip to Arsenal on Thursday in the Europa League quarter-finals. This package deprives the results of the “one-match” suspension process decided on Tuesday by UEFA’s Disciplinary Committee against Kudela for “bad behavior”, while an investigation into the racism case continues.

Slavia at Arsenal without Codela accused of racism

20:02 Grenade – Manchester United The guest surprised the midfielders in the European League, as the Andalusians in Granada knocked out Napoli and then Molde. They face a crazy challenge tonight: shoot down Manchester United from Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford. The Spaniards, led by Robert Soldado (36 years), believe in their lucky star despite their 3 consecutive defeat in the league, the Real striker explained to France Press.

The adventure of Soldado and the great Granada before facing Manchester United

20:00 – Ajax Amsterdam – Rome Gilorossi Paolo Fonseca is the last cross-Alpine survivor of a Continental duel. Barely in the Italian championship with a sad seventh place, they will try this evening to console themselves by maintaining hope of winning a European Cup that has escaped from Italian clubs since 1999.

AS Roma, the last Italian football ambassador to Europe

19:50 On the program: Granada – Manchester United at Los Carmenis Stadium, Arsenal – Slavia Prague at Emirates Stadium, Dynamo Zagreb – Villarreal in Maximer, and above all, the quarter-final poster, Ajax Amsterdam-AS Roma at the Johan Cruyff Arena!

19:45 Hello everyone and welcome to Eurosport.fr to follow the live and full broadcast of the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals. The four games that await us tonight will start at 9 PM!

Connecting Europe

AS Roma, the last Italian football ambassador to Europe

21 hours ago

Connecting Europe

Slavia at Arsenal without Codela, accused of racism

04/06/2021 at 2:46 PM


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