Amazon opponents want to meet Francois Bayrou

A few weeks after the opening of the delivery agency in Morlas, about twenty people gathered on Saturday against the American giant

Symbolically, the Amazon logo has been hijacked. The arrow, which usually rises up and makes a smile, points down and represents the opposition of the Anina collective (Amazon is neither here nor anywhere else) to the American company.

About twenty members or supporters gathered on Saturday, October 23, in front of the town hall, in the morning to “openly challenge François Bayrou”. According to the group, Mayor Bao would not have answered their request for a meeting.

“dominant will”

But as the plan’s high commissioner, the group wanted to “discuss the Amazon problem” with François Bayrou. “Their boundless evolution and their dominant will must challenge them,” reckons Renee Roching, of the group, an ATAK member as well.

The protest goes beyond just creating the Morlaàs delivery agency, which opened on Thursday, September 30th. “Tax evasion” and “pollution” are also part of the grievances. Activist Patrick Perret Debat deplores the working conditions of the employees while Yvan Lanta, the secretary of the Bau faction section of the French Communist Party, is concerned about the consequences of the arrival of the American giant on local labor.

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