Replay of the match between Turkey and Italy (Euro)

minute by minute

  • Turkey

  • Italy

  • It was difficult for Italy, but they beat Turkey 0-3. The first landing was a special goal. The VAR was not a controversial sign. Thanks for joining us!

    Eurocopa 2020

  • Final stats:

    • 3 shots 24
    • 39% possession 61%
    • 294 complete passes 534
    • 40 recovered balls 28

  • 90 + 3′

    game over!

  • 90 + 2′

    ¡¡¡If you save Italy!!! Corner kick rejected

  • 90′

    Three minutes added

  • 89′

    Dervisogu is reprimanded for a strong sweep on Barella

  • 87 ‘

    Caglar has been booked due to a mistake on Bernardeschi

  • 84 ‘

    What kind of hit the ball. This was Italy’s third goal

    Eurocopa 2020

  • 80 ‘

    Cambios de Italy. Saleen is immobile and Insigne; Enter Andrea Belotti and Federico Chiesa

  • 78 ‘

    What a mistake from Turkey and goooolazooooo from Italiaaaaa !!!!! Shakir wipes the ball poorly, hands the ball to the Italians, opens from the left and when Insigne comes he sends the ball back

  • 76 ‘

    In the streets of Italy they celebrate the goal of Immobile

    Eurocopa 2020

  • 74 ‘

    The Turks are encouraged to go on the offensive, but Italy controls the danger

  • 65′

    ¡¡¡Gooooal de Italiaaaaaa !!!!! Immobile takes advantage of the goalkeeper’s deflection to send the ball back

  • 63′

    Double change from Turkey. Get out of Ozan Tufan and Okay Yokuslu; Enter Kaan Ayhan and Irfan Can Kahveci

  • 60′

    This is how the first goal of the European Cup fell

    Eurocopa 2020

  • 57 ‘

    Italy looks more dangerous. Turkey wants to close spaces

  • 52 ‘

    Turkey’s own target!!!!! Berardi sent Demiral in the chest

  • 51′

    Left Under who stops Donnarumma

  • 49 ‘

    Umut Meras receives a strong blow while lying on the grass

  • 46 ‘

    Italy exchange. Sell ​​Florentine and enter Di Lorenzo

  • 45′

    Turkey is changing. Genghis Ander and Youssef Yazigi enter

  • Start the supplemental part

  • And Chiellini’s goals?

    Eurocopa 2020

  • First half stats:

    • 0 shots 13
    • 36% possession 64%
    • 139 complete passes 322
    • 25 recovered balls 15th

  • 45′

    The first period is over

  • 44 ‘

    The Italians claimed a hand in the area and after a VAR review, nothing has been flagged

  • 43 ‘

    Demiral, the Turkish captain, demanded maximum punishment after Chiellini’s alleged displacement

  • 42 ‘

    Italy is trying, but it’s hard for him to hurt him

  • 38

    Now Berardi tries a long shot, but the ball crosses the bar

  • 36′

    Insigne’s skewed right hand, but it goes to Cakir’s hands

  • 32 ‘

    Intimidation for Turkey!!! The front lining does not move to the side

  • 28

    at the moment, Italy fired 7 shots against none of Turkey

  • 26 ‘

    Insigne’s shot passed to the side

    Eurocopa 2020

  • 22 ‘

    What a rescue from Cakir!!! With one hand he avoids the annotation after Chiellini’s head

  • 21′

    Controversial hands

  • 19 ‘

    Bonucci’s long right that goes astray

  • 17′

    The one who leaves Insigne!!! Crossed right going to the side

  • 14′

    Italy has more possession of the ball, but cannot open the Turkish bolt

    Eurocopa 2020

  • 10′

    A very close duel in the midfield

  • 3′

    The Italians try to spin the ball around the court and the Turks apply pressure

  • 1′

    Turkey comes in red and Italy in white

  • After the opening ceremony, the game begins!

    Eurocopa 2020

  • The ball reaches the center circle in a different way, on board a remote control car

  • Now sing the anthem of Italy

  • Turkey’s anthem is heard first

  • Players from both teams move to the Olympic Stadium in Rome

  • Eleventh from Italy: G. Donnarumma, Chiellini, Bonucci, Florenzi, Locatelli, Jorginho, Barella, Insigne, Immobile y Berardi

  • Eleventh from Turkey: Ugurkan Cakir, Zeki Celik, Merih Demiral, Kadlar Soyuncu, Umut Meras, Okay Yokuslu, Kenan Keraman, Ozan Tofan, Yusuf Yazici, Hakan Calhanoglu and Burak Yilmaz

  • 13:50

    Everything is ready for the opening match

  • 13:47

    Martin Garrix, Bono and The Edge give a virtual presentation performing the official Euro song: “We the People”

  • 13:43

    Andrea Bocelli interprets the song “No Dorma”

  • 13:40

    The 24 flags are represented by balloons

  • 13:39

    European Cup Opening Ceremony

  • 13:36

    Former players Francesco Totti and Alessandro Nesta greet the fans

  • 13:35

    In a few moments the opening ceremony of the European Cup will take place

  • 13:33

    In direct confrontations, Italy has a hand with three wins and zero losses, and scored nine goals against one goal against it

  • 13:30

    Welcome to the minute-by-minute opening ceremony and first match of the European Cup!

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