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After Macron also Olivier Veran Citizens are asked for “small daily sacrifices” to avoid energy conservation, awaiting the next energy sobriety plan in the coming months

Paris – spokesman for the French government, Olivier FerrandThe French are preparing: “It’s time to change our habits, if we want to avoid energy rationing.” For example, Ferran says, “In winter the washing machine does not start at 6 pm“.

The recommendation not to use the washing machine in the evening, during peak hours for maximum energy consumption, is currently the first and only example of the “small daily sacrifices” that the French would demand. President already last week Emmanuel Macron said “the era of abundance and anxieties is over”

, however, prompting protests from those on the left who wanted to remind him that for many that era never began. Now Ferran’s spokesperson goes a little more to concrete: for now he’s talking about a washing machine, but In late September or early October, Prime Minister Elizabeth Born will present a comprehensive plan with dozens of recommendations to citizensFrom turning off Wi-Fi when you leave the house to not keeping devices on standby, to shortening the time for hot showers.

The Energy sobriety plan Under study in the French government promises a revival of tensions over lifestyles, a new class struggle based on the inequalities expressed by consumption. That is why the Minister of Transport, Clement Bonn, announced that he is considering it Reducing the use of private planes, a measure that remains objective in spite of the other majority votes we have expressed bewilderment. According to Pune, It is difficult to ask the French to reduce the use of the washing machine, and then leave the private planes – Used for holidays or weekends – Consumes huge amounts of energy.

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