Apple enters the world of cars with dashboard software

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Apple announced that It will further integrate your software into the automotive dashboard toolkit And that it will start shipping next year, while analysts and developers are anxiously awaiting any clues about the mixed reality headset in the future.

apple Introduced an updated version of Car PlaAt its annual software developers conference. For the first time, the new software will feed into the car’s instrument cluster, which displays speed, directions and fuel consumption.

The company claimed that the brandso Ford, Nissan and Honda plan to use the new software And that the cars that have been merged will begin distribution next year.

As the company said so Your new Macbook Air laptop has been completely redesigned About the new M2 silicon processor, which it says is 35 percent faster than the previous M1 processor. The new laptop will weigh 1.2 kilograms.

Apple also announced that users will be able to buy now and pay later for their purchases. Apple Pay Later will be available wherever Apple Pay is accepted It will be managed through Apple Wallet. Users will be able to make four equal payments without interest or commissions.

An edit button has also been added to iMessage for sent messages, making Twitter anticipate the long-awaited feature.

In the company Modifications have also been made to popular applicationsSuch as better representation of landmarks in its map software, live sports scores on Apple TV, and app availability for watching videos shared via Messages.

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