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In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” airing tonight on TF1, Ben Affleck is dressed as Batman for the first time, and confronts an economically curious Superman with his stripes…

Batman v Superman, released in 2016, continued the story of the Man of Steel, also known as Superman, who was introduced by Henry Cavill. meThe Zack Snyder movie that announced the showdown.all star game Among the great superheroes of DC, they have been subjected to multiple attacks and poor reviews, coming from the press as much as from a portion of the public.

While continuing to run parallel to a very good career at the box office, the film was deemed too dark, too dangerous and at times incoherent, putting off many fans and winning several raids. It was also Ben Affleck’s first foray into Batman’s heavy costume, and Gal Gadot’s debut as Wonder Woman, before she even had her own movie.

Oddly enough, despite being the movie’s main title, Superman is late, albeit by the number of his lines, in a movie that still runs 2 hours and 33 minutes on the clock.

Reddit user by the name coolI, so to speak, enjoyed writing all of Henry Cavill’s lines in the film, scene after scene. To conclude that he only had 43 lines in the film. And even, to be more precise, 42, save for the character’s cry at the end.

In each of his scenes, Superman doesn’t drop more than five lines, and only a few scenes have barely two extra lines… If the cinema has apparently given great characters very little talking (Terminator in the first movie, for example) , or even completely muted (Jean-Louis Trentinant in the Western masterpiece The Great Silence), I’m not sure that this economy of dialogue in Batman vs Superman Henry Cavill helped a lot in shaping his character…

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