Battlefield 6 will be announced live on June 9 AnmoSugoi

Battlefield 6, or whatever new game in the franchise is, it will be announced on June 9. The official channel on Twitter battlefield He recently gave a sneak peek, saying that viewers can tune in at 7 a.m. PT/10 a. M. ET/4 p. M. CEST to see disclosed.

Developer Dice He previously said that he will announce the new Battlefield 6 It’s June, so that’s no surprise. Electronic Arts, which owns DICE, will not be officially participating in E3 2021, but that reveal will happen just days before the show kicks off on June 12.

Where are you looking?

EA will officially reveal Battlefield 6 At 7 a. M. PT/10 a. M.ET is on June 9th, so we’re not looking forward to much. There will be a live promotion via the video below. You can set the reminder now.

What can we expect

Where will be the global announcement of a new game from battlefieldYou can expect something big from EA to promote the new shooter. It remains to be seen if we get to see a gameplay or a cinematic trailer, but fans are definitely looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

After the June 9 event, EA will likely discuss the game again during the publisher’s EA Play Live 2021, scheduled for July 22.

If you can’t wait, you can find out some leaks about the game here.

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