It’s an important day for Belgium.

to me With the Red Devils approaching the Round of 16 against Portugal, fans feel a sense of uncertainty ahead of this match against an unknown team of our national team in a big competition. Two of them give us their feelings a few hours before kick-off.

“I’m not 100% confident, because Portugal has a good offensive arsenal, with Ronaldo or Renato Sanchez,” slips Axel. “As I am forever optimistic, I will expect Belgium to win 2-1, with a goal in the stages of play, a bit like against Denmark, and a little flash of genius from Kevin De Bruyne to make the difference.”

Julian, another fan, left with the same score, but without being completely confident either. “It’s already 50/50. We have the weapons to win but also the big weaknesses that we have to get rid of. I see Belgium winning with a goal in overtime, but I hope there are no penalties, because my heart will give in!”

“hit or miss”

Then our fans put their finger on what could punish the Devils against the European champions. “Portugal likes to bypass opposing tactics, and I think the countries that follow in the next rounds have a playing system that will be more in our favour,” said Axel. “So we can go further. Portugal, pass or fall.”

“We have big concerns defensively, so we will undoubtedly suffer against Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva or Joao Felix,” Julian expects. “After that, it will not be a great defensive situation at home either, there might be some doors open, and we have to be realistic. On the other hand, I find that Portugal can defend as a better team than Belgium.”

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Pre-match analytics to check tonight, around 9pm.


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