Carl-Haynes Rommenike bids farewell to CEO

Carl-Haynes Romanic leaves FC Bayer after 20 years as a producer.

The board chairman resigns on July 1, leaving six months earlier than planned. Oliver Kahn will inherit.

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Now Romanic explains the reasons for his early departure. (Reporting: What is a ruminic farewell to FC Bayer)

Is Rummenick saying goodbye due to flick-ass?

“It matured over several weeks. Wit invited my family to dinner on Monday and informed everyone. My six grandchildren still can’t believe their grandparents have more time now. All in all. Boss Lewandowski scored his historic 41st goal at the last minute, and then there was the bowl. – Saying goodbye to me could not be sweeter! “, Says the 65-year-old Picture.

The longtime club boss agrees that his departure was also linked with the move from coach Hansie Flick to DFP. (Seifert pays homage to Rommenike’s life)

“Now is basically the right time, the fiscal year is coming to an end and a new season is starting, for which Oliver Kahn will be responsible from the start.

The former prepares his club well despite the professional uprising and leaves without feeling bad.

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“It’s very important that I leave as long as it’s good. We have won seven titles in the last twelve months, with Heiner, Khan, Salihamidzig and Knucklesman well established for the future. Clubs in Europe are in the best economic condition of all. (Khan reacts to Rammenike leaving)

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Rummenick resigns from DFP and FIFA

He added: “I do not mean to be in a negative way, but in the end we can all change, which applies to players and coaches alike. The new will emerge and FC Bayern will continue to be successful.

According to Romney, saying goodbye to Bayer ends his career as a front-line officer.

Positions such as UEFA President, FIFA President or a position in the DFP are questionable for him.

“No, I reject all that, but of course I will accept my responsibilities on the UEFA Executive Committee. But first and foremost I want to give something back to my wife. She has had my back since we got married in 1978. We will go to our home sill for the European Championship game against France, we both We look forward to the first summer vacation without any transfer calls, ”Romanike explains.

Lipstot native wants to retire and has two big football congratulations for his future.

Rammenike has two options

So the producer wants to become a real fan of FC Bayer again and declares: “I will try to fulfill a wish in the new season: stand in the southern position and watch a game among the fans.”

In addition, the outgoing CEO wants to fulfill a dream in two years so that he can implement his biggest shock.

He wishes: “A Champions League win in the next final in 2023! The 2012 final defeat in Munich against Chelsea is my only injury that has not yet healed.”

Until then, let Romney take a back seat and let his heirs act in peace.

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