Carlos Alcஸ்raz:

“This is the biggest success of your life, how do you feel?
I have no words to describe how I feel now. I have no idea what happened in court. I could not believe that I had beaten Chitsibas in a big game. This is a dream come true.

Were you surprised that the public supported you?
It really surprised me. They were behind me all the time, pushing me every moment. This is very important to me. I think without them I would not have had the opportunity to play a better fifth set and bring down Stefanos. It was amazing, I loved it.

The tie-break was tense, what was your intention at the time?
When I missed the last two points in my service (His first two match points), I did not give up, I trusted myself. He served well. This is a good last point, I know I have to be aggressive until the last point. When I fell to the ground at the end of the match, I was thinking from the beginning about my family, friends and everyone who supported me.


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