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An FBI search warrant for Donald Trump’s Florida residence has been declassified. CNN reports.

Reading an FBI search warrant on Donald Trump’s Florida residence confirms press rumors that the former president is under investigation for espionage.

“Number one, everything was declassified. Number two, they didn’t need to ‘seize’ anything. They could have it any time they wanted without getting involved in politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago.” He writes on his Truth Donald Trump social account about documents taken by FBI agents while searching in Florida. “They were in a safe place, with an extra lock put in after they asked me to,” he added.

Nuclear weapons documents and other sensitive security information from the United States and abroad. If what the Washington Post revealed about the target of the FBI blitzkrieg in Mar-a-Lago is true, then Donald Trump will be in more serious trouble than he could have imagined just days ago. Stunning news, beyond pun, which could be confirmed in the next few hours with the publication of the search warrant, requested by Attorney General Merrick Garland and which, in words at least, the billionaire does not object to. The classified papers the feds were searching for at Trump’s Florida residence are highly sensitive material and cause “deep concern” on the part of government officials. The sources did not provide the Washington Post with further details of what kind of documents the agents were looking for, for example whether it was information only related to nuclear weapons from the United States or other countries. Nor if the FBI actually found what they were looking for in the resort. What is certain is that the information disclosed is worrying from Washington’s point of view because it is papers that can not only endanger US national security, but also create problems with other countries. According to the New York Times, among the documents being searched for, there was also information about the most secret US programs, the so-called “special access programs”. Trump, as usual, responded arrogantly to what the Washington Post revealed, calling it a “hoax.” “The nuclear weapons issue was a hoax, like Russia, Russia was a hoax, two sides of the impeachment was a hoax, the Mueller investigation was a hoax and much more,” he attacked the former president, accusing them of “corrupt people” of being involved in a plot against him. “Why didn’t the FBI allow my lawyers to attend the search at Mar-a-Lago? They made them wait outside in the heat, they didn’t let them approach. They answered, ‘Not at all!’ To leave evidence?”, the billionaire hinted, repeating the accusation to the feds that they wanted smash it. Then he went back to attacking Barack Obama by claiming that his predecessor had stolen “30 million pages of classified documents” from the White House. “President Barack Hussein Obama took 33 million pages of documents, many of them classified. How many of them relate to nuclear power? Answer: a lot!” In the next few hours, the sentence is expected to be published, which could finally clarify what was the subject of the FBI’s research. Trump urged her to “publish it now,” while his lawyers are more cautious. It may be a team game between the businessman and the lawyers, who only have until 9 pm to provide an answer. In fact, the verdict can only be announced with the consent of the parties involved. Some analysts note that if he is willing to go public, Trump could do so himself, once he gets the go-ahead from the Department of Justice. But the decision is more complicated.

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