Confirmation time for Sofian Diop in Monaco

“If he continues on this path, he will become a better player”: Monaco coach Nico Kovac, who travels to Lorient on Friday, is delighted to continue his growth, which began last month, with Sofian Diop, in the process of extending his contract. Last season.

Good surprise from Monaco last season, he blunted when he came to Goa, Sofian Diop, just 21 years old, became a strong part of the red and white team.

The extension of his contract, which lasted until June 2023, gave priority to the management of the Monaco Games. Most recently, the club, the player and his entourage came to an agreement. Diop will last until 2026.

“We are very pleased and appreciative of Goa when a young talent is stretched. He will stay here for five years. His growth has been very positive. With.He worked hard to make progress and continue his growth.

Last season, the former Renois, Leonardo Jordim (0-4 against Paris SG) was thrown in the deep end during the 2018 Champions Trophy, making people forget the long-term presence of Russian Alexander Kolo.

Proceed with self-defense

Despite a major ankle injury in Lyon, he was forced to finish the season early, amassing good performance and playing 32 L1 games (including 24 goals as a starter and one assist).

During the preparation, this summer, if the sprained ankle delayed him further, he seems to have started on high platforms again. Passier for Kevin Woland in Prague in the opening round of C1 (2-0) closed the mark (3-1) when he returned.

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“He may surprise you but I’m not, his teammate Youssef Fobana promises. When we talk in the locker room, he’s very quiet. He says he’s doing everything to stay in this position. We’ll work for him. We’m not surprised.”

“Attacking, he’s already in very good condition, his coach agrees. We are satisfied with his work. The start of the season is positive. But he needs to progress on the defensive side.” Kovak reminds us of this systematically and publicly. Because he didn’t want his player to realize he had already arrived.

“I already said, we have a lot of good players. The Monacos coach continues. It’s very good for the team’s development. For him, if he continues on this path, I do not know why.

Full involvement

Diop should be confirmed this season. “We are expected, he knows. It’s logical to be firm in the face. It is up to us to find solutions every time.”

So when he plays, Phobana analyzes that this native Durangave “takes a lot of effort, sometimes too much.” “But sometimes in the 70th minute of the match, when he manages to keep the ball, he does us good,” he continues.

Kovac can use it “in three stages: N.10, left and right”. But above all, he expects to be fully engaged in a full season unconditionally and without tension.

“There will be a lot of rotation, Kovac warns. Sofian will start some matches and be on the bench in others. But all I want is for all the players to be fully involved.” Starting Friday at Lorient, “we have to win,” Kovac testifies. Before thinking of the challenge, go to Shakhtar Donetsk, B1, from Tuesday evening, for the most important opposition of the season.

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