Cowet: his panicked reaction to the potentially dangerous polymerase chain reaction tests revealed by the Academy of Medicine

Sebastian Cowet has been particularly active on social networks since the start of the pandemic. His humorous remarks about managing a health crisis or vaccination make his fans die from laughter. This Sunday, April 11th, the host spoke on Twitter commenting on a recent report from the Academy of Medicine about the potential severity of PCR tests …

The pandemic crisis in which the planet finds itself stuck Offers daily conversation topics! I must say that Reasons to comment on the unprecedented development of this situation It is not lacking: among the futility of government decisions, and slow implementation The vaccination schedule Or an issue Underground dinnerAll the ingredients are there! Therefore, many artists rushed to various breaches Comment with humor or Humorous This is a special context that the French have lived through for a year. Sebastian Cowet, of course, chose the second path To express their concerns and dissatisfaction with the situation. Ivana and Valmont’s father He has no tongue in his pocket and does not hesitate to do so Confidence in their joys but also their fears !

Last July, the surfer crossed over to its Instagram subscribers, to panic In the idea To perform the first PCR test. “Have you seen the pictures on BFMTV? Looks like knights, goes, and goes in the background”, The host commented. “Who’s the guy who made this up? Who said I’d put a double cotton swab and stick it in their noses?”, He continued. And to add: It’s inconvenient, it’s equivalent to a ballpoint pen (…) I have a septum deformity, it will never fit“, Then worried. This time, the host spoke again on Twitter to discuss the PCR tests.

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“It’s not bad to realize that.”

Previous host of Cauet method He posted a tweet on Sunday 11 April, Who commented on a recent statement from the Academy of Medicine regarding Possible complications due to the sample Nasopharynx, such as meningitis. PCR was performed in Bad conditions can cause ‘Serious complications’, The National Academy of Medicine warns in a press release. So the public authority wants to remember the best practices to consider during the RT-PCR or antigen test.

Needless to say, this statement re-activated the fear of kawitt polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Not bad to realize that After some Put it in everyone’s nose“, The host is drifting. And jelly …. And he went on to suggest that very soon the freezing could be considered responsible for other diseases. Netizens also seized the opportunity to indulge in mockery : “Dangerous Vaccine Case Test What’s Next?”, Or After the pandemic, everyone will die from pffff meningitis. Can we read in a comment published …



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