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The vast majority of French households (90%) are now equipped with a Linky meter. (© Republican)

Seven years of Enedis campaign to install it Linky Connected to replace old electromechanical and electronic counters.

Although the vast majority of French families are now equipped, in accordance with the objectives set by Enedis, Part of the population refuses Linky scale installation continues. Generate ‘additional costs’, which the Commission for Energy Regulatory (CRE) plans to analyst.

8.30 euros every two months

Changes in the foot Consumption indexes thus Transportation costsCosts related to Connected Box ‘unequipped customer support’… ‘CRE is of the opinion that all customers who continue to prevent the installation of a Linky meter during this deployment phase should bear the additional costs generated’, Justify the commission in a press release.

In total, these “extra costs” may represent 8.30 euros to be paid every two months Even the famous meter installation. Only non-equipped users who have not supplied Enedis with their consumption indicator for more than a year are concerned.

Thus the amount to be paid remains less than the amount provided by the Equality Commission, Who was thinking of December 2021 To bill the last calories up to €5.33 per month.

Another extra cost this summer?

However, the situation may change in the coming months. From August 1, 2022The amount to be paid if you are not equipped with Linky may change. and the helicopter 2025This additional cost pertains to “all users not equipped with Linky (except for technical impossibility),” CRE asserts.

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At the end of December 2021, more than 34 million meters were installed in France, out of a total fleet of 37.7 million, according to CRE figures. it’s a 90% posting rate. On the contrary, approx 3.8 Million Customers Still Not Equipped link.

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