€800 fine: You can’t use the washing machine like that
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As we have all known for some time, high energy prices have recently hit not only the Italian but also the entire European territory.

This happened particularly in the aftermath of the first conflicts in Ukraine, which left many scars across the European Union. First of all, in fact, we witnessed the rise in the cost of the most important raw materials, which was reflected in inflation at the level of the entire food sector in general.

In addition, we also mention the reckless increase in the cost of energy, both of electricity and of methane, which has indisputably led to the major energy suppliers (such as Enel Energia, in the case of the Italian territory) increasing as a consequence the cost of their monthly energy bills, to the discontent of large across the continent.

This, in turn, also had important repercussions in the life of the condominiums, in the use of some household appliances in daily use.

In fact, some condominiums offer the possibility of using Washing Machinebut you can get very high fines (which can reach up to €800 in some cases) if they are used at certain times of the day: let’s find out together what rules must be followed specifically to avoid these heavy fines.

Condominium rules

Precisely for the purpose of good coexistence, these rules have been provided in order to regulate the use of washing machines throughout the day, thus managing the common areas effectively and intelligently, as well as managing the situation optimally from an economic point of view. In this case, in fact, Italian law also intervenes, above all to deal with sound pollution, which regulates noise at the level of the environment.

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Based on the provisions of the Prime Minister’s Resolution dated November 14, 1997, it is necessary not to exceed a certain decibel limit at certain time periods at night. From 6 to 22 o’clock in the evening, the permissible limit is 5 dB. This limit decreases further during the night hours, i.e. from 10 pm to 6 am, and reaches 3 dB in this case.

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Once these limits are exceeded, there is immediate civil liability for the individual who violates these rules, as well as the payment of very heavy fines. Obviously, the tolerance limits also depend on the condominium itself and on the contract stipulated between the different condominiums that are part of it, so it is always necessary to consult the latter to ensure that the rules are followed.


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