Edith Cresson, First Female Prime Minister: Reactions of the Time

Edith Cresson became the first woman to hold the post, having been appointed Prime Minister by Franுவாois Mitterrand in 1991. An encounter that did not fail to react at that time.

Following in the footsteps of Michael Rogard, socialist Edith Cresson is realizing that the opposition is “turning left” during Fran இரண்டாவதுois Mitterrand’s second term.

Charles Millan, the leader of the UDF group in the legislature, condemned the “feeling of sectarianism” shown by the former agriculture minister and said he feared a “new alliance with the Communists”. Radical extremist Andrei Rosinot talks to him about “hardening” and urging “the end of social-centric bridges.”

“We value her for her actions in freeing the country from its difficulties,” RPR leader Jack Chirac responded casually.

Sexual assaults

Rarely named, Edith Cresson was the first to experience sexual assault. UDF Vice President François d’Aubert raises “some parallels” between the life of Edith Cresson and the life of Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV. Between 1983 and 1997, the mayor of Vienna, Maticnon’s new tenant, replied, “If it’s my favorite, it’s Satellite voters.”

When asked by reporters about the historic nature of his appointment, Edith Cresson said: “I’m surprised people (except), it’s only men who are surprised!” Before adding: “Women are men with brains!”

However, sexual criticism does not stop there. After a speech on public policy, when he wiped out female hate jokes in the legislature, a TV presenter questioned Michael Alliat-Marie about the “appearance” of the new prime minister and “the way to roll up the sleeves of his jacket.”

Luxury political class

When it comes to female hate, the media is not beyond reproach. The day after Edith Cresson’s appointment, Le Quotidien de Paris published the headline “Matignonne”, when Franz-Sawyer described her as “Mitterrand’s charming property”. On Le Bébête Show, the Prime Minister plays the role of the “Amabotte”, the lustful leopard in the service of the President.

Criticized for his leading style and his controversial travels, he was ousted after the Left’s defeat in the March 1992 regional and regional elections. After 11 months in power, he was replaced by Pierre Peregova.

When a woman was approached to replace Jean Costex, Edith Cresson, in JDD’s columns, said she needed “a lot of courage” to replace him in Matignon. Wrong, according to her, is considered a “macho” for a French political class.

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