End of applause for Printemps de Metzمتجر

It’s a locomotive from the Metz trade that closes on Saturday, October 16, 2021. The Printemps store, which has been installed on Serpenoise Street since 1974, will definitely draw the curtain tonight. 110 people – employees and brand demonstrators – work there.

This is a page in Metz’s trading history that begins on Saturday, October 16th with the final closing of the Printemps Store. This brand, founded in 1865, moved to Metz in 1974 with a prime location on Serpinoise Avenue, the city’s main shopping artery. A victim of competition from online commerce and shopping districts and certainly also from a store model that hasn’t been able to adequately renew itself, Printemps withdraws: “a lot of sadness” Alexandre Korziba, employee representative explains. “We are leaving our second home but at the same time it was a relief to be able to leave early because we had to close on November 30. We sold a lot of merchandise but psychologically it was tough.” Besides the latest clients, there are those who express their disappointment like this lady: “It’s a shame, there isn’t much left in Metz. In the city, there isn’t anything left.” Then the other customers who were told it was the last day: “Okay, it’s closing today, I thought it was the end of October.”

4 closed stores in France including Metz and Strasbourg

Initially, Printemps planned to close 7 stores this year in France, but finally the management and unions agreed to close 4 of them, including the one located in Metz, and at the end of the year from Strasbourg. A majority agreement between several unions and management was signed in April, marking the final closure of the Metz structure. Of the 110 people employed on the site, more than 60% worked for brands in specific locations installed in the store. The Protection of Employment Scheme (PSE) will take care of employees directly employed by Printemps, i.e. about 40 people. ‘No employee will be left behind’ Little Alexandre Corziba. “We were negotiating in Paris to structure the PSE. We have cases of people who have retired and they will be supported until their retirement, then there is an internal reclassification in other stores of the group and finally an external reclassification over a 9 to 13 month period.”

A year and a half after C&A closed, another well-known brand is leaving downtown Metz.

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