Evil Dead: The Game - How to unlock all surviving characters

The survivors of Evil Dead: The Game are playable human team characters. They all belong to one of four classes, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as a unique special ability.

Each class also has a unique skill tree; You can advance each survivor through their trees by developing their abilities and spending Spirit Points to upgrade them out of battle.

How to unlock all survivors in Evil Dead: The Game

There are 13 survivors that you can choose to play as in Evil Dead: The Game. Initially, nine of them are available. Four unlocked. To unlock the additional four survivors, you must complete the five missions that currently make up the single player portion of the game.

Currently we say because there is a sixth mission slot in the mission select screen that says “Coming Soon”. There is more single player content in the store and that may or may not mean that more survivors are coming to the DLC.

Unlocking characters is as easy as finding missions. They are very simple but can have tricky bosses that require you to redo the entire mission, so some players may find this process frustrating if they just want to kill Deadites with friends. However, Evil Dead: The Game is very open about missions that unlock characters, eliminating any potential confusion.

Commentary débloquer Ash Williams (Ash vs the Evil Dead)

  • Requirements to unlock: Complete “If you love someone, set them free…with the saw.”
  • Class leader.
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There are almost as many versions of Ash in Evil Dead: The Game as there are Gokus in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Immediately, you have access to three different Ashes, one from each movie in the trilogy. To unlock former model Bruce Campbell from Starz’s short-lived Ash vs. The Evil Dead, you must complete the first single player mission.

The mission “If you love someone, set them free…with the saw” is the only mission that is unlocked at the beginning. In it she plays the role of Evil Dead 2 Ash, re-enacting some of the events from the movie. In this multi-step challenge, you must find Linda’s necklace, dig out her possessed head, and expel the demon that still possesses it.

Once you complete this 20-25 minute mission, you will unlock Ash Williams from Ash vs The Evil Dead as a playable survivor in a multiplayer game. Of course, the grizzly zombie slaying veteran is a leader class character.

How to unlock Amanda Fisher

  • Unlock Requirements: Complete “Kill Them All”.
  • Class: Hunter.

Amanda Fisher is another character who only appears in Ash vs. The Evil Dead. You can unlock it by completing the “Kill Em All” quest.

This is the third mission out of five solo missions and requires some quick reflexes and good instincts. As the army of Dark Ash, you must travel to three different locations in a specific order and eliminate a wave of the dead in each of them.

Make sure to clean the hangar where you get the car to get plenty of ammo, amulets and healing items so the level is fully stocked. Manage your resources well and you will succeed in this 12-minute mission in 10 Windy, unlocking Amanda Fisher as a reward. Fisher is a Hunter class character.

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How to unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar

  • Unlocking Conditions: Complete “We’re not going!” »
  • Category: support.

Besides Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar is another young hero who fights the forces of evil with Ash on the Starz Show. To unlock it in Evil Dead: The Game, you’ll need to complete the fourth mission, titled “We’re Not Going!” »

In this mission, you play as Pablo, a refreshing change of pace for the Ash-centric campaign so far. One of the longest missions, and also one of the easiest to complete. It includes several stealth sections as you fight your way through a treasure trove of the dead in order to face Ashes.

He’s finally waiting with an escape vehicle that you’re driving until sunset to complete the mission. Doing so will unlock Pablo as a playable support character in Survivors vs Demon modes.

How to unlock Lord Arthur

  • Unlock requirements: Complete Homecoming King.
  • Class leader.

The last survivor unlockable is earned by completing the last mission, or at least the last mission currently in the campaign. You must complete “Homecoming King” to embody the legendary Lord Arthur as he appears in Army of Darkness.

You play Arthur in “Homecoming King”. ‘Arthur’ must find a Kandari Dagger, having moved out of his time and an intense desire to return, to open a time gap with the ‘Necronomicon’. Eventually, you’ll find Arthur’s sword and you can really kick Deadite’s ass. After completing the mission, Arthur will be a playable character in the Commander class.

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And this is how you can unlock the four surviving characters in Evil Dead: The Game. For more Evil Dead: game guides and how-tos, be sure to keep them unlocked on our dedicated guides page.


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