Meta will stop offering Facebook’s audio streaming service in the coming weeks, just a year after its launch, to focus its efforts on “more relevant” experiences.

The company announced the new podcast feature in April 2021, when it also introduced live audio rooms as an alternative to the social network Clubhouse voice.which will begin testing in groups through Facebook and Messenger.

The The platform will stop allowing users to add podcasts to its service starting this week. As confirmed by Meta to its partners.

With the cancellation of this service, the tech company will stop offering its own Soundbites content format, short-lived creative audio clips born to express short phrases, jokes, anecdotes or poems.

Mita indicated in a statement that it is Continuously evaluate jobs Advance to focus on “The most important experiences”However, he did not elaborate on what he is currently working on.

It also did not specify the date of the end of these services, whether podcasts or audio clips, because it only indicated that it would do so “in the coming weeks”, although Bloomberg indicated that it will be June 3.

To implement this shutdown, Facebook is not planning to inform users that this service will no longer be available, but rather is waiting for publishers to decide how they want to disclose this news to other users.

On the other hand, live audio rooms will be integrated into Facebook Live, so that users of the social network who want to use this platform will be able to choose whether they will conduct video conferencing with audio only or video as well.

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