Fast and Furious: Vin Diesel asks Dwayne Johnson to come back

The Pop N Chill Youtube channel dedicates a video to The Matrix Online, an introduction to the Matrix 4.

In an Instagram post, Vin Diesel sent Dwayne Johnson a message asking him to come back for Fast and Furious 10.

Are we witnessing the end of the drama between Vin DieselStar fast and angry, And Dwayne Johnson ?

It all started in 2016 with the release of the eighth episode of the Fast saga, The Fate of the Furious. Dwayne Johnson, who has played Luke Hobbs since the fifth edition, posted on Instagram in 2016 a post saying that Vin Diesel was unprofessional. Since the two actors, as well as other members of the cast, have regularly swapped spades in the media.

While promoting Fast and Furious 9, which hit the box office, Vin Diesel He explained that the origin of this difference between the comedians was simply “cow love” when he wanted to get a good performance from Johnson.

He was a difficult character to embody, the character of HobbesDiesel said men’s health. “My style at the time was a lot of love to help get this performance where it needs to be. As a producer, I was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to take Dwayne Johnson, who is associated with wrestling, and we’re going to force the movie world and viewers to see his character as someone they don’t. I don’t know — Hobbs hits you like a lot of bricks. It’s something I’m proud of, that aesthetic. It took. It’s a lot of work. We had to make it happen and sometimes in that time I can give a lot of intense love. Not Fellinisque, but I did everything I had to do to get a performance in everything I produced.

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[CRITIQUE] Fast and Furious 9 reaches the limits of the saga

If data Vin Diesel He called for appeasement among the cast, which had nothing more than The Rock who asserted that he simply laughed at the statements of Dominic Toretto’s interpreter. “I laughed and laughed well“He said The Hollywood Reporter. “I think everyone laughed at that. I will stop there. And I wish them good luck. I wish them the best of luck in Fast 9. I wish them the best of luck in Fast 10, Fast 11, and the rest of the Fast & Furious movies they make that will be without me.

The Fast and the Furious Success Story: The History and Evolution of the Dominic Toretto Franchise

Dwayne Johnson wants to meet again with Luke Hobbs character

at the beginning of the month, Dwayne Johnson He said he had an idea for a sequel to “Hobbs and ShawWhich allows him to bid farewell to the character of Luke Hobbs. announce on a microphone The Jesse Kaggle Show :

Regarding Hobbs and Shaw, who we both loved and loved making this movie, there was the idea that I called Donna Langley, our screenwriter Chris Morgan, our producer Hiram Garcia. And I said, I have this idea and this direction for Hobbes. I made it, and without saying it, they all loved it. But that would be the opposite of what Fast and Furious movies usually look like, ie they just keep moving forward and moving forward and moving forward, but in this case I wanted and still want to make an example for Hobbs. Once again, without wanting to give it all up, I want you to watch a man go into the sunset.

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The comedian’s recent statements show that he is clearly interested in the idea of ​​restoring the franchise. fast and angry.

Fast and Furious 10: The end of the Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson drama?

Obviously, this whole story is a story of vanity between the actor, the producer and the face of the saga, Vin Diesel, And Dwayne Johnson Who is fully involved in all his projects, and sometimes runs the risk of taking up a lot of space with a tendency to fit into other people’s games.

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a second, Vin Diesel Calls for calm and sends a message to Dwayne Johnson on instagram. The actor hopes that his rival will agree to return to the game Fast and Furious 10, which will be divided into two parts, which will serve as the conclusion to the main story of Fast and Furious.

Below is the message from Vin Diesel Addressed to Dwayne Johnson :

My little brother Dwayne…it’s time. The world is waiting for a Fast 10 finale. You know, my kids call you Uncle Dwayne in my house. No party goes by without you and some of them sending you their best wishes…but the time has come. The inheritance awaits. I told you years ago that I would keep my promise to Pablo. I swore we’d get through and turn out a best quickie in the final and it’s a 10! I say this for love…but you have to show yourself, don’t let go of the privilege that you have a very important role to play. Not everyone can play Hobbs. I hope you live up to that and fulfill your destiny.

Pop N Chill Youtube channel relives the success story of the Fast and Furious series.

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