FC Schalke 04: Ex-S04 star wants to come back and show everyone

FC Schalke 04: Former S04 star with European comeback – can he come here again?

Schalke 04: Descended into the second division of the traditional club

Schalke 04: Descended into the second division of the traditional club

FC Schalke 04 is one of the largest traditional clubs in Germany. In the all-time Bundesliga table, the Royal Blues are seventh. “Nappon” is a seven-time German champion, most recently in 1958.

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Can this former striker FC Schalke04 Will the fall of his career cause a stir again in the European League?

Once he too for a transfer of 6 million euros Schalke04 Changed – and great advance compliments. After all, he had proven before that he was very accurate.

Failure at Schalke

But at Schalke, the striker suddenly lost his goal instinct. So Schalke allowed Argentina to move to Spanish club Rayo Vallecano three and a half years later.

Schalke fans will know who it is: Franco de Santo. The season before moving to Schalke, he had scored 14 times in 28 games for Werder Bremen. In three-and-a-half years with the Royal Blues, he has not even come close to this ratio.

In 71 Bundesliga games for Schalke, de Santo scored five trivial goals. His target drought lasted a long time, the S04 only escaped in self-mockery and began chanting: “We will drink today until De Santo scores!”

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After returning home to Schalke via Spain

Things did not go well for the striker at Rayo Vallecano, so Argentina returned to South America – first to Atletico Mineiro in Brazil, then to their home country at Club San Lorenzo.

The former FC Schalke player won there again last season. Has scored 13 times in 32 games. Immediately, another European club noticed him.


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De Santo returned home

Turkish club Gostep from Izmir has now signed De Santo. In the knockout battle, the former FC Schalke 04 striker is said to have scored crucial goals for the Turkish First Division club.

De Santo sat on the bench in Gostep’s first two games, beating club Shivaspor and Pasaksehir 2-1. When Argentina were used later, they lost to Alde (0: 2) and Hadaisbor (1: 2) in the league. In the cup, Gosteb and de Santo were eliminated by Besiktas. He has not scored yet. (I.e.)


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