Mcaclineuse is back more rosy than ever

Fortnite never stops updating and bringing things to its players, it is always eager for new things. As proof of this, the comeback of the Clapboard expert, who returns to the island in the form of Mcaclineuse. And if you are in the club, it will happen “for free” at the beginning of next month.

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You asked, he comes back. And this time, she seems to be in better condition than ever before …

Still touchable despite its new steel casing, Mcaclineuse is indeed a star June 2021 Fortnite Club Pack. In addition to Mcaclineuse’s clothing, this package also includes the Psytronic Knot to Speared Line backpack attachment, Fusioclin’s fuel ax and Mcaclin leather. Several versions of the costume and the back and ax accessory collated: the default pink style, the black and white midnight style, and the white and red royal style.

So, did you take?

We clearly remind you that the active members of Club de It is an electronic game You will receive this package on June 1st around 2 AM (French time). They will also receive Four steps download announced This package arrives all throughout May, if they don’t already have them. Plus, they’ll get extra lounge music during the month.

So, wink?

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