FC St. Pauli fears three professional dads ahead of the derby

It’s going to be exciting, that’s for sure. Not only on the green lawn of Millerntor, but also in the delivery rooms of the Hanseatic city. Because the brown and white offspring chose a pleasant period to see the light of day.

“So far, the timing of the deliveries has been very good,” said Timo Schultz. “Let’s see what the next few days will show us.” Three professionals are eagerly waiting to become parents. The coach has yet to predict what that might mean on Friday night.

The delivery room instead of the playground? Schultz will encourage his professionals

With Adam Dzwigala, Laerte Bacarada and Max Dittgen, the happy moment is imminent, and it may have happened while reading these lines. And Schultz, a father of three, knows: “These are special things that always come first.”

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“When in doubt, I will allow players to do so and encourage them to stand by their wives,” Schultz added. At such important moments in existence, no one should stand on the field and run behind the ball.

So far, Kiezklub has not had such a case in the recent past. “And I hope it stays that way,” said the coach.

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