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Starting tomorrow, the samurai adventure “Trek to Yomi” will be available for consoles and PC. In time for the upcoming release, Devolver Digital and the developers of Flying Wild Hog have introduced a new trailer that delves into the project’s unusual setting and features.

In collaboration with publisher Devolver Digital, which specializes in independent projects, the creators of Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior are launching the unusual Trek to Yomi project tomorrow Thursday.

In order to make the title palatable to more undecided players, the two studios introduced another trailer for “Trek to Yomi” shortly before the release. On the one hand, this briefly describes the plot of the samurai adventure. In addition, the most important features and playing time, which will range from four to six hours depending on the official information, will be discussed.

A Journey to Japan in the Edo Era

Trek to Yomi will take you to Edo-era Japan and revolve around the mythological beliefs of samurai and Japanese Shinto. You sneak into the role of young swordsman Hiroki, who embarks on revenge. Designed as a tribute to film director Akira Kurosawa, the monochromatic aesthetics and cinematic camera perspectives are meant to contribute to creating a captivating atmosphere.

More news about Journey to Yomi:

“Part of our story delves into this belief, telling short stories about the ancestors of the kami spirit of our hero Hiroki. It has to do with the different eras of Japan they lived in and the tragic, gruesome, or undeserved deaths that left them painfully in My Day.”

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Trek to Yomi comes on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

More news about Journey to Yomi.

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