Animal Crossing New Horizons: Walkthrough for Update 2.0 and DLC

Fix Nintendo’s Animal Crossing DLC ​​bug



It’s a party for the Animal Crossing community, who have been able to celebrate for a few days now with the nearly simultaneous releases of Update 2.0 and Happy Home Designer. However, a bug has been spotted in the DLC: Nintendo is posting instructions to get around it and promises to fix it soon.

So that’s it, you went to Admiral to open a Robusto coffee and started your collection of gyros? excellent. Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update is full of content and you have to get up early before you skip it. But Nintendo did not go with the back of the spoon this time, because it also rocked the DLC Happy Home Paradise, offering the player to decorate houses and buildings, in accordance with the wishes of the inhabitants of this new island.

And that’s exactly what will interest you today, as there seems to be a small problem with home renovations: Nothing serious anyway, as with the Metroid Dread bug, Nintendo responded quickly and posted a solution to get around this little inconvenience very simply on the Nintendo official website.

Happy Home Paradise: Airport Bug

  • If you have Happy Home Paradise DLC content, Don’t try to renovate an islander’s house when access to the airport is open.
  • If you are corrupted, Simply end your session, then restart the game. According to Nintendo, this should not affect your save.
  • Update A bug fix should be released in the next few days or weeks.
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