Foot - ESB - Real Sociedad and Granada beat Celta Vigo and Eibar

Real Sociedad regained fifth place in the Spanish League with a narrow victory over Celta Vigo (2-1), while Granada marched against the red lantern, Eibar (4-1), in particular thanks to the double of its veteran striker Roberto Soldado. Reasoning has been respected in the two La Liga matches scheduled for Thursday at 9 pm. Led by Celta Figo, 12th in the standings, after a goal from Malo (22), Real Sociedad responded quickly to equalize by prolific Spanish midfielder Porto, who scored his eighth goal this season in the Spanish League (25th place). Then she won (2-1) Thanks to a penalty kick from Adnan Januzaj (39). The Basque Country returned to fifth place, to qualify for the European League. Read also Round 31 of the Spanish League Soldado scored 13 goals this season, including 8 in La Liga, while Granada, the eighth in La Liga, did not shiver Facing the Red Lantern, Eibar (4-1). Final C3 Quarter-Final finalist (Eliminated from Manchester United 0-2, 0-2), Particularly by his veteran striker Roberto Soldado (35), who has had an impressive double (21, 77), which has allowed him to raise his total goals to 13 this season, including eight in La Liga. Eibar returned to 1-2 by Kike Garcia, but Kennedy (81) worsened the score he had already inflated earlier by Puertas (37). Read also Spanish league standings

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