General Vanacci is unrepresentable for Marine Le Pen: “No to the Vice-President of the Nationals”

General Roberto Fanacci is not liked by Marine Le Pen’s National Rally. Despite being in the Patriots for Europe group alongside the League, the National Front is competing for the vice-presidency position entrusted to the military record holder for preferences in the European elections. He does so with Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy coordinator of Le Pen’s 2022 presidential campaign. He is asking Matteo Salvini’s party to nominate another vice-president: “The elections are the result of a unilateral declaration by the League. We oppose the mission, that is our position.” It is clear that Le Pen’s right, fresh from defeat in the legislative elections, is now criticizing the mistakes made in the electoral campaign. Fanacci is starting to be too much even for the sovereigns from outside the Alps.

So much so that in an interview with printing Even Laurent Jacobelli, former spokesman for the National Rally and now a member of parliament, opposes the general. “I don’t know Vanacci personally, but from what I’ve read he has made statements that are not in line with the values ​​of the National Rally. To be clear, I think this man will not be vice-president. It seems impossible to me,” says Jacobelli, recalling that Jordan Bardella has also criticized the general’s positions.

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