good news! Looking forward to talkingGoogle’s accessibility app that allows people to use their eyes so they can express themselves through their gaze is now available for new languages, including Spanish.

Application Looking forward to talkingDeveloped by Google, it was originally announced in December 2020 but was not available in our language.

This tool allows People with speech disabilities who cannot write either choose pre-written phrases with their eyes to be pronounced aloud so that they can communicate via your smartphone.

The way the app works facilitates communication for people with hearing and movement disabilities, since Scans people’s faces, and by accessing the camera, determines where the person seeking communication is looking.

Once inside, all they have to do is to look up, right or left, and cycle through the different options so that the speaker on the phone says what is on the person’s mind. We leave you with this video from Google where they explain how the app works.

However, not everything remains in the predefined statements, Because in the options bar you can customize the dialogs on the right or left.

So far only app It used to be available in English, but now Google has released support for 17 new languages ​​and dialects, according to the information provided by the company at google play app As part of the latest update.

Include new options available Spanish in Spanish and Latin American. The rest of the languages ​​are Modern Standard Arabic, Bengali, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Portuguese, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese.

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The new feature is available in the latest app update Looking forward to talking, on Google Play Store and compatible with peripherals running Android 8.0 and later.



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