Aviation prepares to end the crisis

It gives the industry two years to emerge stronger from the recession in order to benefit from the expected recovery in 2023.

Flexibility and future preparation. During the year 2020 ‘very precise“Marked by a health crisis,”We have resisted and persisted (…), which indicates the resilience of our sector, aided by the duplication of its activities and the government that has taken urgent and long-term measures», Eric Trappier, president of the French aerospace group (Gifas), confirmed by presenting his 2020 report on April 13th.

Of course, social plans cannot be avoided. But “Partial Long-Term Activity (APLD) was a very effective measure to preserve jobs and skills by protecting 10% of the 200,000 jobs in this sector.The President has been added, who is also the CEO of Dassault Aviation *. However, the sector lost 8,000 jobs (-4%), reducing its workforce to 194,000. Small and medium enterprises paid the most, losing 12% of their workforce, followed by medium-sized firms (-7%) and large groups (- 2.7%). Recruitment processes likewise

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