Google Maps will add a new feature that is very practical

Soon, Google Maps will suggest the traveler to estimate the cost of their trip by indicating the fees on their route and how much.

according to Android PoliceThe Google team surveyed a group of members of its testing program to identify areas for improvement that should be provided in the route planning service. As a result, in a short time, you will be able to view the tolls on your flight as well as their prices and choose the route that suits you, with complete knowledge of the facts. So far, Google Maps has just shown you if there are any tolls on your route, and if so, an alternative route.

The question now is: How do we calculate the amount of fees? Waze already offers this feature for a year, but the app specifies that it’s advertising an estimate and not necessarily the exact amount.

Several options are available to Google to provide a reasonable amount to the driver. One of them will be based on data from Waze, which has also been owned by Google since 2013. Another alternative is to use Google Pay. In fact, last February, Google announced that it was working with about 80 public transport companies so that users could buy their tickets directly on Google Maps using Google Pay. Why not think of the same solution to pay the fees up front? This would make it possible to anticipate costs while avoiding traffic jams.


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