Greta Thunberg was arrested and police identified her during a protest in Germany

Greta Thunberg I was Stop And selected from police during a protest in Germany. The Swedish activist was protesting against lignite mine Outdoors in a deserted village LutzeratWhen the agents walked in and pulled her into their car. The climate activist has been demonstrating alongside a group of protesters for days.

today with others 60-70 peopleShe had sat near the edge of the mine. At that point the police have surrounded And according to reports from the same authorities, agents used it again clubs Pepper spraying to keep demonstrators away from the area where it is strictly forbidden to stop.

The police said, according to the zdfconfirmed that Thunberg et al rush From the mine site and then stop. photographer who dpa He indicated that Thunberg was carried away Three agents from the police and then exposed to a control.

The protest stems from the fact that the abandoned village of Lützerath is to be demolished to expand the mine coal. Last week, the activist was taken away from her protest sit-in by responsible agents evacuation And the pictures traveled around the world. According to the first reconstructions, it is not clear at present whether Thunberg really existed today Arrestedor keep it after removing it from an accessible area Meticulously preserved.

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