GTA The Trilogy: Rockstar Offers Free PC Game As Compensation
GTA: Trilogy

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GTA The Trilogy wasn’t necessarily a hit for fans of the franchise. In the face of the annoyance of part of its community, Rockstar made a nod and offered a free PC game as compensation.

Without warning, Rockstar took advantage of the end of 2021 to launch GTA The Trilogy (or Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition). As its name suggests, this is a compilation that allows you to rediscover three main episodes: GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Player-loved episodes and an overhaul. And if you liked these Transformers during testing, then many received GTA The Trilogy coolly. He has been criticized for his many errors and controversial artistic direction. Facing the slinger, Rockstar decides to make a small gesture to his community. The developer offers one of its classics with any set purchase.

Rockstar offers free PC game to players GTA The Trilogy

Come get your free PC game! – Credit(s): Rockstar Games

Rockstar is thinking about the disappointed players of GTA The Trilogy. At least those on PC! To make up for the game’s cold reception that can be saved by mods, the studio is offering one of its classics. Offer valid until January 5, 2022. And let you enjoy one of the titles from the list below. A heavy! To take advantage of the offer, go to at this address.

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition

  • Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

  • Bully: Scholarship Edition
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We are so appreciative of this offer from the studio that gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6. And if these games are not to your liking or you already own them, Rockstar allows you to claim them GTA Online Great White Shark card or 55 gold bars in Red Dead Online. When it was released, GTA The Trilogy sparked controversy due to an artistic direction of animation that some players do not appreciate. There were also a lot of bugs, some from the original titles, or even unsuccessful effects (like rain). Since then, the compilation promises regular updates to improve and achieve the quality that the community has the right to expect. Until then, Rockstar has to deal with disgruntled players.


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