He does not sign a joint memorandum and does not allow himself to be photographed next to him

A slap from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Russian President Putin: he does not want to be photographed next to him in the usual photo and does not sign the joint declaration at the end of the OTSC summit in Yerevan, which angered the Kremlin leader.

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tense moments a Yerevanwhere the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSO) summit was held in the past few hours, between Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia.

only from the leader of the host country, ArmeniaA. arrived The double whammy towards the president put it inHe seemed very upset by what had happened.

Not only the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan He did everything not to stop next to the Kremlin’s leader the usual picture from the meeting, and blatantly and physically distanced himself from it, but at the conclusion of the summit, he didn’t even sign on Advertising joint final.

All of this captured in one image video That instantly made the rounds of social networks. In the photos in question, Pashinyan can be seen closing the summit by saying: “Close the meeting, thanks a lot. Thank you very much! without signing the document.

At that point, Putin was also seen placing his pen on the table with one outburst and Belarusian Lukashenko Arms open in shock.

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The Collective Security Treaty Organization is a military alliance created in May 1992 by six countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

he is “depressing that allies otsc We could not contain the Azerbaijani aggression,” the Armenian prime minister commented, referring to some of the clashes that took place in September on the border.Armenia have been chargedAzerbaijani occupied part of its territory, and requested military intervention He flies.

Russia intervened diplomatically, but that was clearly not enough for Pashinyan, so during the meeting with Putin and other leaders of the OTSC, he publicly stated his position. disappointment.


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