Boris Johnson was aware of Super League project e He will give his approval for the participation of the six English teams in the competition. Revelation from guardian, A reliable British newspaper, faces the problem of a prime minister who, among the first, has openly opposed the new tournament and the twelve splinter clubs. Make it a personal fight, fix The Premier League “curse” against fair play. Bring pressure, along with the crowd’s protests Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and tirarsi indietroFlorentino Perez and Andrea Agnelli’s dream shattered – at least for now.

In short, Boris knew everything very well before the night release about creating the Premier League. to me guardianIn fact, a senior representative of his team had met Ed Woodward, the chief executive of Manchester United (who resigned after the project failed), ten days before the birth of the Premier League. After that confrontation, according to Reconstruction, Woodward had given the green light to enter United and thus the other five Premier League clubs in the new tournament. After obtaining approval from Johnson, through his (close) partner. A story, if confirmed, would be incredible.

The latest news about Superlega

The prime minister erected a wall during hours of popular protest to block the projectHe threatened to launch a “legislative bomb” against the Premier League and reassured the Premier League and the Football Association They could have knocked defect teams out of their competitions Without having to fear the legal consequences. to me Times His government would also have exerted strong pressure on the UAE to remove Manchester City (the Sheikh-owned club and Emirati Deputy Prime Minister Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan) from the Premier League. Could he have changed his mind during the race, realizing in which direction the wind was blowing? Johnson is now being asked to disclose whether this reconstruction is correct and to clarify the nature of his government’s relationship with Ed Woodward.

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April 26, 2021 (Change to April 26, 2021 | 21:19)

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