Horrible pictures of a bastard coming out with tears after a major injury

Matthew Bastard, who suffered a serious knee injury during the match against Doolan, came out of the stretcher in tears in the 4th minute. New tile for LOU Captain.

Matthew Pasteur’s test continues. On behalf of Day 11 of the Top 14, on Saturday, during a four-minute game during the Lou meet at Dulone Stadium, Lyon’s third line came out in tears on Malka’s stretcher. He collapsed alone on a support. , An attempt breakthrough in the middle of the domain.

After being hit in the right knee, Leon screamed in pain before being ejected on the captain’s stretcher. The former international player (age 33, 54 selections between 2009 and 2019) was well received by the public in Toulon, where he wore the colors between 2011 and 2019. Pastorate has only played one encounter this season, facing Castres in November.

He was recovering from an injury

He underwent surgery on his right arm in September, after an eight-month hiatus due to a ruptured quadriceps ligament in his left knee. Also, he did not hide his joy at finding the top 14 pitches against Castres in early November. “It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Coalition, I missed preparing for the match, the increased pressure, the smell of sweat in the locker room, he said confidently. I’m so glad I’re back. Ten months is too long. Sometimes you can doubt it. And the club. I’m glad I was able to play rugby again. “

The absence of the Lyon captain is a real blow to the LOU, currently ranked 14th (5 wins and 5 defeats) and 5th in the fight for play-off spot at the end of the season. Pierre Mignoni’s men are also set to launch the Challenge Cup on December 10 with a welcome in Gloucester. Lyon also has USAP and Dragons in its pool.

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