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As of today, Google Photos no longer allows you to upload content to the cloud without contracting an additional storage plan, or You can keep your account for free if you do not store more than 15 GB Free It’s raining down on us due to the simple fact of receiving an email from Google. Although, yes, whatever you have stored you can keep coming back without any restrictions.

This leads us to continue consulting with them wherever we go as we contemplate what to do with all of those memories. As in the old days, when we used to take out picture books to educate our visitors The last snapshot of summer, or that important celebration from a few years ago. So why not leave what we will remember after chance and luck?

You can be lucky with Google Photos

Truth is, the ones in Mountain View weren’t able to resist either They added a concept to Google Images I will be lucky They are well established for quite a few of their apps. The most prominent is the search engine that with a simple click can display results on anything random The algorithm comes. Only here they applied it to our photo and video library.

“I’ll be lucky” on Google Photos.

To get into this mode I will be lucky, You should Press and hold the app icon on the home screen So our list of options appears as shortcuts. When that menu appears, you will first see a random search for memories stored in the cloud.

In our case, the research I did was in an area, but fine It is possible that they choose an album, event, or date for any reason. Try several times until you find the memory you want to see and enjoy it as if you had chosen it. It is a good way not to have to think about the exact moment that you want to remember.

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Of course, even though the shots are made of iPhone, the method for doing this in the case of Android is identical: Hold your finger on the Google Photos icon until this menu appears Then we choose it from I will be lucky. You will also access a randomly chosen memory (by an algorithm Google) for all of the people at your disposal in our photo library.


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